Ok, since it seems like theres never any posts here I am going to put a link to the simplest thing ever. Its just an encryptor that can encrypt a number to a file. Really this took all but 10 minutes but still, Game Development forum is really new. I guess this could be useful for someone who knew c++ so I will include the source also. No need to leave any credits if you alter anything source is all yours. All encryptor does is take a number like 1041 and change it to !)$!. You can view the results 2 ways. It can save to file or just output in front of you. BIG THANKS TO YOU KICKEN!
1 = !
2 = @
3 = #
4 = $
5 = %
6 = ^
7 = &
8 = *
9 = (
0 = )
Edit: Made a quick change to open file so you don't have to search c://encrypted.txt after it saves it to a text file hehe.