Hey everyone, at the moment i have a 100mbit dedicated server, and i dont know what to do with it. So i decided im gonna make a Rose Online Private server. Now your probably wonder what you would get out of helping me(since im not to good at programming i cant work on the server myself)1st you would obviously get Game Master rights, plus youd be a admin of the forums, and you would be brushing up on your skills and learning more, experience is the key to everything =P so why not have more? Well anyways if your interested you can email me at Ksadkiller@yahoo.com, or IM me on aim XVazigalisemX.

PS: i also have Xfire =P Toothpickman

I would really enjoy seeing some people help, it would be fun having a community look up to you for hosting a private server. Well thx for your time and see ya.