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    Thinking of developing a game for online gameplay

    alrighty my first post here so i dont know much sorry in advance.

    Right heres the deal i want to make a card game that also incorperates a mmorpg ie a fight card game you'd be able to gain advantagies but i would want it to have a shop and to auto update in the background . so to sum up a client linking to the master. i would also like to make it so you could develop you card deck offline ( change what type you have )

    anyway what i want to know is what languagies would best suit this type of game and or how much do you think it would cost ?
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    a fight card game...make it so you could develop you card deck offline
    Like those Magic, the Gathering games? Except an online version?

    what languagies would best suit this type of game
    Prospective beginners, especially those interested in making a game always ask this question. So Google, Wikipedia, Gamedev.net, and obviously this forum have answers in their archives. Short version: many languages, and pick one that suits you best.

    Your description of the game doesn't rule out many languages. Out of the possible choices: Python, C, C++, C#, Java, Ruby, PHP, VB.NET. People will push for the languages they like or are familiar with. Example, I'll cite Python and C++.

    I suggest you try to increase the constraints on your choice of programming language. For example, is your game browser based or not? Browser based games throw out C and C++. PHP (and lately Ruby) is very popular though, although other languages may be preferable. What about graphics? Is it text based, or basic 2D graphics, or very fancy 2D graphics or 3D? C, C++ are very popular, although C#, Java, or Python in combination with C/C++ really are often just as good or better. Do you need a multi-platform application (it runs on Windows, Macs, Linux, etc.)? You can't use C# or VB.NET since they are more or less tied to Microsoft. Java is a prime contender though.

    So try and figure out more aspects of your game, and then do some reading on the various languages. And pick one.

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    ok i was a little brief i can see by what you have said the probable c or c++ i am not sure whats the differance but it will have low scae 2d grapthics for the mmorpg but then for the car game the graphics will be of higher quility. the talking option will basicly be speach bubbles i am probable more intrested in someone taking this up as there is need to be a shop where people can buy new cards these a lot of coding and security issuies i would have this is why i am willing to pay someone to do this i can see there are about 4 systems

    they are
    login / deck / test

    probable more that i dont know there will need be but thats rougthly it there would be 1500 cards test is only AI in the game all other fights would be against someone else

    anywhere anyone got any idea about cost ? to make such a game ?
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    Can you use the "spell check" button? There's a huge difference between making a typo here and there and not even trying to spell straight.

    I advise you to learn a language well first. Until you do so, any advice given to you on how to make your game will fly over your head because you won't have any idea what we're talking about.

    If you're going to hire someone to do this for you, you're looking at many thousands of dollars (and you'll want to post this in a different thread). I seriously doubt you can afford to pay anyone to make this...
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    I'm not exactly sure what you want to do. It sounds to me like want to make an online playable CCG/TCG (like Magic). If this is so you might want to take a look at these 2 sourceforge project as they are aiming for something simmilar:
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