Hello there,

I'm creating a game called Die Marinen, but I need a little help. I am using a Windows machine and the torque game engine. The system is based on C++. I have already created all my worlds and most of the game, but a few problems are:

1. New sounds added do not play when added to a mission. Even when I execute them such as: server: exec(mysound);

2. The character is stiff and just kind of floats along the ground for some reason. I tested it with a bot and it also floats along.

3. How do I add weapons to the server? I have some .dts files and an .btp image that work on another game I have, but not on my new game.

4. The default background(main menu) for the game can't be changed and there is no image to delete/replace/edit to change the background. It's weird.

I will list you guys in the credits for helping me with this. Get more popularity for your site.