Hey there!

I'm thinking about creating a browser-based game and I'm wondering which technologies to use.

It will be a manager-style game, btw. But not for football.

Anyway, I can't tell you a lot about the requirements, only about those things in plain PHP (the "web-language" I'm most used to) that worry me in a not-so-small project.
Stuff like the cumbersome database access and creation and manipulation of forms and all that. Stuff like not having a decent IDE with debugging features. Stuff like some testing capabilities.

I also know Java but the only time I used it for web applications I thought it was too "heavy" and it's maybe a bit too overkill for something like this.

I can also say that support for multiple languages would be good. And good scalability. And what about hosting? I've heard that for some "weirder" stuff it's hard to get hosting providers.

Oh, and I don't know Python or Rails. But I'm not throwing those options away if they really provide a good option.

I've been looking at a comparison in wikipedia but, although I can check which features one of them has, it would be nice to have more concrete opinions.

Thks in advance