Does anyone know where glDrawRangeElements() lives?

I can run the the example program fine which uses it to draw vertex arrays fine. So this tells me i have the function *somewhere*. but the function is nowhere to be found in opengl32.dll in my system folder.

And when i use the "dependency tree" to look into the examples code i can't find it anywhere there either. If it is in a dll its in a really obscure dll ive never used.

Im starting to think this function might be a macro function in the opengl library thats wraps into opengl calls or something of the sort. And since im writing assembly i can't link in librarys. I guess opengl being *open* i can figure it out from the source code? Oh and as another kick in the teeth, the example is coded in c++ which means i can't dissasemble it without being presented with mud . Or maybe its an extension? if so which one?

Any ideas?