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    Is this approach practical? (Creating a level from texture)

    So I was thinking of the idea of making a level by reading from a texture... like being able to tell it to create walls of a certain size from a bunch of colored dots lined out in the texture, different colors of dots could do different functions like placing an object there from a file.

    Has this been done very often? (I mean besides with heightmaps where you can create landscape... if you group that into the same category.) What are the possible issues or limitations of this?
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    Possible - Simple short answer is Yes.

    Mind you I've only done it with a flat text file with different ascii characters for different objects. Haven't used a colour based version of the file to read in. Obviously, it depends on how complex you want/need to make it. As would the number of directions you could exit a particular location. If it's just a case of N/S/E/W and the location, then you could just define the 5 components. You have to define more in there were stairs ie Up/Down. Or if you could move diagonally NW/NW/SE/SW.

    That way you can make each location on each level completely flexiable.

    Obviously, it depends how complex you want to make it, but as long as you can read the file( s ) in how you want, there is no real restriction to how you can define locations.

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