I am a die hard gaming fan and a graduated game developer. One thing I know about when game companies aren't run well, they produce sub-par games and we as gamers suffer. But, there are management techniques that could be used by said companies that would increase their range of production value and utilize the creativity from the bottom up. This technique was used by Google in 2001 and the company has blasted off since then.

I've heard of a free workshop happening on Agile featuring a Senior Peer Group of 8 Agile Experts, here is a write up: A free half-day workshop on Agile project management featuring a Senior Peer Group of 8 Agile Experts will be at the East Coast Games Summit in Philadelphia next month. Scheduled on Saturday, 11/22, the workshop will include a strong focus on solid principles and values and how to get your team to adopt them. The senior peer group of Agile experts in games will talk about Agile methodology models such as Scrum and Waterfall. Speakers include Matt Shaw, CTO at Mythic/EA and Steve Reid, Managing Director at Red Storm /Ubisoft. The Agile workshop and the East Coast Games Summit are free to attend for registered attendees of VGXPO ($30 at door).

Looks like some big names will be there, it might be worth checking out. These are topics on the cutting edge of development management techniques.
Thanks! Hope I can make a contribution to this forum!