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    First game ever

    I have worked with c++ and for a while, and would like to create my first game. Could anyone point me to where I should start?
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    How good at vc++ and c++?

    if you know your stuff you could probably jump right in with using the opengl and directx api's. a good proficiency in GUI development and your chosen languages syntax and standard libs is a strong requirement. Nehe ( has good set of tutorials, with basecode for several OS's and each tutorial has a port for most languages, though its primarily geared for C++/C. DirectX unlike opengl is based on a component object model so it may suit you better if your used to OOP and only want to develop for windows.

    If your just developing simple console apps however i'd look into GUI development first, Win32 API/.NET for example. Google "theforgers win32 tutorial" for a nice tut on the windows api. being able to create a window correctly, understand how the message loop works and be able to process input are basic skills you'll need to start using the Opengl and directx. Some people learn to use the GDI first which is part of the windows api, i always found it more complex/slow and annoying than opengl however and again its windows only. I personally wouldn't reccomend developing a game with it.

    You can always look into DOS based games, but that's pretty much dead now, and you wont be able to take many of the skills you get to it into game development with a modern API in a GUI.

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