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    Football simulations such as Pro Evo Soccer and Fifa.

    Well this thread is just to feed my curiosity. After being involved with computing and programming for the last few years I have started to look past all the bells and whistles of computer systems and look at them more for how they were put together. I mean at the end of the day, even the most complex of systems boils down to series upon series of ones and zeros!

    I was playing Pro Evolution Soccer (or Winning 11) and started to try and understand how an algorithm could be created for AI within the game. Such as good defensive movement, attacking movement, positioning, through ball placement, zonal marking ect. I was basically just wondering if anyone has any light on the subject of how one of these games would be set up or how you could start to comprehend an algorithm for football?

    If anyone has any information or insights into this, I would very much like to hear from them.

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    You will need:
    - A lot of experience in Java or C++.
    - Be able to spend lots and lots of time on your project. (If you want to make FIFA on your own it will cost you like 10 - 20 years, like lots of games)
    - Lots of graphical experience.
    - ...

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    Spend some time on Aigamedev. The information there should tell indicate various approaches that have been used.
    When you ask a question, be prepared to tell us: what have you tried? If you think you don't need to try anything, we will never be interested in helping you. If you agree with the link, and you refuse to answer that question, you are being a hypocrite.

    Need help with broken code? Your question should be like a good bug report: (1) It has the smallest number of steps to reproduce the problem you see (2) It tells us precisely what you expected to see and (3) It tells us what you saw and how it differed from what you expected. We need all three to help you.
    Want better answers? Tell us what you Googled for and what steps you took to answer your own question.

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