Project name:


Brief description:

Zion is a strategy/rpg Cyberpunk game. The game code has come very far, and we are currently producing some great music, models, and concept art. However,with only a handful of dedicated artists/modelers, etc, we are always on the lookout for like-minded people to join our team. See our website for more details.

Target aim:

We haven't made a final decision on how we'll market 'Zion'. The concensus seems to be for releasing a free trial version, then selling and marketing the game proper ourselves.
This is essentially a non-pay entry level project, though of course monetary compensation will be distributed in the event we market and sell the game succesfully. It is being produced as a 'stepping stone' into the industry for (most) of our team members, and if our team works well together- a stepping stone to our next project. We are all learning a lot about the game development process quite fast, and the game is showing a lot of promise thus far.


We are offering a percentage of potential revenue, in the event that we market the game commercially.


Our target system is the PC.
"We're using Ogre3D which is capable of rendering to OpenGL and DIrectX. We're using C++ right now and at this point virtually all of the code I have written is completely portable."

-Bloodychill, Zion Team Leader

Talent needed:

C++ Programmers
3d modellers/riggers
Texture artists

And anyone else who has some talent and is willing to give some of their time in order to get a finished game project under their belt.

Team structure:

Bloodychill- Lead programmer
Curtis- Composer
Jeremy- Modeler/uvlayout/basic textures/rigging/animation
Thatguy113- Modeller/basic textures
Fabiodan- Modeller/basic textures
Ari- Character Concept artist
Pinback-Lead concept artist/***. Art director
Barry- Concept artist
James- Concept artist


PM me through this forum.

Additional Info:

The game is just getting off it's feet in terms of game assets, concepts art/models etc. (We have around fifty unique concept art pieces and a dozen or so models) The game engine coding itself is however, well underway. We also have some wonderfully atmospheric score for the first few chapters of ZION, composed by Curtis, one of our more experienced team members. We look forward to hearing from you!