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    [MMO - Hero / Torque Engine] Age of Darkness

    N&N Tech Online is looking to assemble a team for a new and innovative MMORPG game that is already under development!

    The game itself is an MMORPG, Age of Darkness, which will change the way you think of a MMORPG. It is developed/published all by ourselves. Our budget is low because we are 100% independent but since we are very dedicated to this, we pay from our own pockets for the server, programs, copyright, and etc... We also have advibe.com going to assist us on our website.

    Age of Darkness itself is very unique MMORPG. It's based in a Medieval/Fantasy time, where darkness has set foot in the world. The class system itself is half-sandbox. You start by picking an archetype; warrior, priest, mage, rogue, hunter, and more! Then for example if you pick a mage, you can level up a skill;. You level up Strength as a mage and you can become a battlemage, or level up agility and have faster casting spells / instant cast. Or maybe as a priest you decide to level up Defense and become a plate wearer healer! Then again, you can mix and match. The Mob AI itself is very dynamic. Depending on your playstyle, the mobsters act different to you. Maybe you like circling the mobster and attack from behind, then the mobster learns and starts to stun you and try to cripple you so you can't circle him or maybe you like to burst damage so the mobster will start to cast protect spells and survive from you then try to run away from you.

    We also want each player to be different from another, so players can choose different animations for each action they perform. For example if they got a "Double Strike", the animation has a default animation but players can unlock different animations to perform so it can be different than other players but then again the animation must be unique than another spell.
    Another very unique feature we would want to have is to actually stream yourself live on the web. Currently people stream live their gameplay of the games on websites; justin.tv and ustream.tv and others. What we want to do is have a ingame feature to stream the gameplay to a host(Maybe we can host it in future). This will bring an enormous amount of public attention to use.

    We have over 100+ unique features no other MMO has to offer!

    Key Features:
    In Depth Character Customization
    World Contribution Quests (that will change the world around you as you play)
    Heroic War Zone
    Ever shaping world
    Special Abilities
    Half-Sandbox Classes
    Quested Tech Trees
    Combat System
    Trade System
    Professions & Crafting
    Auction Houses
    Instanced Dungeons
    And More!

    We are ALSO in contact with Hero Engine to collaborate a deal to use their technology, if that doesn't go through then we plan to use the award-winning Torque Engine.

    Fantasy / Medieval World

    For now there is no payments for joining and working with the team, but, once the game is launched, all your efforts will be rewarded with wages and other compensations. Plus this is an excellent opportunity to work with an experienced developer on what will no doubt grow to be an extremely popular project. N&N Tech itself has a great team together which just act like a bunch of friends together for a good time!

    Nick Game Director / Programmer
    Jr Programmer
    Captain Scrat - Community Manager
    Wilex - 3D Artist
    James Lead Composer
    Ben - Composer
    Aaron Web Designer / Concept Artist
    Matthew Video Editor

    We are mainly looking for new and aspiring talents in the next fields: Concept Artists - 3D Artists - Animators - Characters Artists - Programmers - Writers and much more! Please check out the website for more information!

    Company Information:
    N&N Tech Online

    (NOTE: Website hasn't been updated for a while, we are partnering with advibe.com to design us a website, also with our web designer assisting)

    All that are interested can either contact me through GameDev or contact me at Blizzshow@gmail.com
    Also, you may join our forums to discuss the game further.

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    Major new website update soon to come!
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    nice game..
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    Good luck with your game.

    However, low budget & hero engine dont belong in the same sentence, or even the same post.

    Hero Engine is expensive, and ranges in the $40,000+ range.

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