marcotronic (Marco Neumann)

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Expected Compensation:
Paid per music track (no revenue share - no partnership)

Contact Information:
soundrepository "at"

Previous Projects:
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Hello game devs!

Im Marco Neumann (commonly known as "marcotronic" in forums and on twitter...) from Germany and Im composing music especially for games (and films/trailers etc...) Im specialized in epic cinematic stuff but I might also offer almost any style you like.

Feel free to contact me if you need special custom made music tracks for your game(s). Very often Im simply asked "What does a song cost?" - Well, you can imagine that this totally depends on a lot of factors (complexity, style, length etc...). So in order to give an estimated price for a composition I usually need some basic information :

a.) Short Song description (mood/feeling, speed, maybe instrumentation (e.g. orchestral piece, electronic piece, typical band instruments piece), retro and whatnot...)

b.) length (approximately)

c.) Seamlessly looping (yes or no)

d.) If you want this piece "exclusively" or if I may offer it elsewhere, too - so you would get a piece written exactly for your needs but it may be used by others, too. (in this case it would be much cheaper for you, though)

e.) Reference songs (If you have a link (youtube or something freely available (legally!) for a song that is similar to what youd like to have) - its always nice to get a direct impression of what kind of song the client wants

The more infos I can get on your needs the better!

Oh, and before you ask: Im not offering any kind of sound fx - just music. Im asked quite often for sound fx, too - so I think I just mention it

Im really looking forward to writing some cool tracks for you!

Take care,