Team name: Rail Power Studios™

Project name: America On Rails Train Simulator

Brief description:

The America On Rails game have been in creation for 4 months now. The game is a Train Simulator for normal hobbyist's and also a vertion for pro/real day locomotive engineers. In the game you will be able to drive actual trains and locomotives through different routes/terrain that exists in the real world today in North America. The simulator will have real crash effects and you will be able to see dents, broken rails, broken locomotive parts, etc. Featuring SpeedTree for realistic trees. Walking people, moving cars, trucks, and aircraft. Routes that are accurate on track hight, length, placement, etc. Also another great thing about this game is that it features a Bild Your Own Route feature. This feature is where you can build your own worlds as in lay track, make mountins, hills, place buildings, etc. Also you will ba able to make your own content for the game using gmax or 3ds max. We plan on making this game as realistic as possible.

Target aim:

This simulator will be payware and there will also be a boxed retail version available


Based on the economy I am not able to pay every week so I have to pay on royaltys.


The game is for PC. The program language will be C++, Java, and Python. The content (as in models, annimated objects, etc.) are made in 3Ds Max. Trees and plants made in SpeedTree. For the sound. There will be a live railroad scanner radio feed from some of the routes we will be making and we will be needing an iTunes script for the game.

Talent needed:

We need in our team the following:

5 Modelers | The modelers need to be able to use 3ds max or gmax.
3 Scripters For the Game Engine | This is high on our priority list!!
1 Recruiter | Able to recruit more people on to the team.
1 Website Manager | Able to build us a good website and maintain the site.
2 Sound Recorders | Able to record engine sounds, locomotive horns, brakes, track sounds, etc.

Team structure:

Our team consists of 1 Modeler, 1 Sound Recorder and Engineer, 1 Game engine helper, 2 SpeedTree Creators, I am the C.E.O and also a 3D Modeler working with 3ds max. We also are in partnership with RRMods here is their site which also can be accessed on our sites home page Website.


My E-mail: train dude 101 @ sbc global. net ( I had to space it so that it wont count it as an email
Previous Work by Team:

Most of our work is on the site and some of our stuff in progress is also on the site. Our modeler worked with Micorsoft on the new Microsoft Flight Game.