Hello everyone, please allow me to introduce the game I have been working on.

Mythology Unbound is a blend of MMORPG, Augmented Reality, and Social game. Like a MMORPG, it will provide a persistent shared experience for the players. Unlike a MMORPG it does not create a new world but will instead overlay itself atop the real world. Using geo-location it will populate in-game objects to GPS coordinates.

The theme behind the game is one that has been around a long time but has become very popular in recent years. In addition to the mundane, ordinary world that we all know there is also a secret world of magic and sorcery. The players take on the roles of wizards and witches who can see and interact with the magical realm. Much of the game content and lore will be based in various world mythologies.

To interact with this magical world, the players can control avatars, command familiars, and cast spells through the use of a game client. The goal is to have many different clients allowing access to the game world. The most used will likely be on GPS-enabled devices and smartphones, allowing the players to receive updates based on their location. Currently there is a working reference client that runs under Windows/Mac/Linux. The messaging subsystem can also be logged into with any XMPP-compliant IM program, allowing you to send messages even when not completely active.

Development work has been progressing through various sub-systems. The skills framework is being wrapped up and will soon be bundled into a release for the testers. After that the geo-locational system will be enhanced to handle zones and regions. To tie in with the mythological popularity, the target for open beta is December, 2012.

We are always looking and open for assistance of any kind; from people who want to leave their 2 cents here on the board to those that want to join in on the dev team.

I myself am a professional software developer with over a decade of experience in the field, much of that time spent working on very large, complex systems. In my spare time I had played around with game development for many years, but this is the one I think has a real chance of becoming a success. I've spent the last year and a half developing the underlying architecture and fleshing out the game concepts.

There is a public teaser site, the link to which can be found in my profile as the forums will not let me link directly from this post.

There is also a private trac-wiki development site which contains, among other things, the current client installers. Accounts can be created on it as needed.

For more information, please reply here or send me an email.