I am looking to fill three or four full-time salary positions at our company, Symfono. (Google "symfono" to find us)

Our office is currently located in Addison Texas, just north of Dallas. I am NOT looking for remote developers. All employees MUST be local, or be willing to relocate to Dallas.

These positions are not set in stone, a lot of it depends on what you bring to the table. Your skill, experience, and diversity will determine how much we are willing to offer you. I promise to make it worth your while. In addition, you will become part of our core development team with incredible opportunities for advancement within the next two years. Within 1-2 years, we will be hiring satellite teams to manage instances of our product. Core members who prove themselves will be given the first opportunity to lead these teams.

Generally speaking, I am only interested in applicants with a degree and are current industry professionals. However, if your resume blows me away, I am willing to talk.

We are developing a product for the iPhone. Everything in the product lives within a 3D environment. I need people who can create this content and have a good grasp of how to optimize it for mobile devices, primarily the iPhone.

Feel free to apply if your skills match any of the skills I listed below.
- 3D modeler
- 3D animator
- 3D texture artist
- 3D designer
- Particle effects
- OpenGL programmer
- Objective C programmer

Please respond to to this thread or PM me if you are interested.

Luke Keith