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Hello everyone. We are working on a commercial game project called House of Demons.

What's The Game About?:

House of Demons is about a young man named Rob and his girlfriend Riley who explore a mansion that they believe to be haunted. They both are amature paranormal investigators and they go to a mansion to find evidence of ghosts but what they find is much more terrifying. The mansion is infested with demons, they trap you in and take your girlfriend, you must fight to survive and to save Riley. You will fight bosses and in some cases solve puzzles to get to your objective. The game is non linear and totally free roam, however you wil need to do some of the story to get keys to unlock certain parts of the mansion. You must survive by eating food, drinking liquids, getting sleep and staying warm. And most importantly fending off demons who want nothing more than to condemn you to eternal damnation.



You will have an assortment of real life guns and weapons to kill Demons with, this includes an M4, AK-47, Glock 17, Baseball Bat, Ceremonial Sword, Kitchen Knife, Double Barrel Shotgun, Pump Shotgun, Crucifix and more.

Customization and Creation:

In addition to finding weapons to use, we plan to offer the player lush customization. Scavenge fallen hellspawns, search the house for materials, and engineer your own weapons and ammunition to use against the forces of hell.


The entire game is about survival, eating food, sleeping, maintaning the health of your character, and fending off the malicious attacks of demons. We didn't say it would be easy...


In addition to survival, the story revolves around a hellish and haunting storyline, guarenteed to keep even the most adamant players entertained and enthralled. Question what will happen next as you move forward through the winding plot.

Game Modes:

Here are the game modes we are planning to incorporate into the game.

Story(standard mode)
Infinite Mode: Unlocked after story mode completion, can play forever

Available Positions:

Unreal Scripter (x1)

Position Filled

Character Modeler (x1)

Position Filled

Riger/Animator (x1)

Position Filled

Texture Artist (x1)

Is responsible for unwrapping the models and texturing the UVW's. Creating diffuse maps, specular maps, normal maps, alpha maps, that can be blended into materials for our models. Must have some knowledge of 3ds Max and Photoshop.

About The Team:

The team consists of:

Chay Hawk - Project Leader/Level Designer/Environment Artist/Kismet Programmer/Matinee Animator
Kyle Schreuer - Character Modeler/Weapons modeler/Animator/Rigger
Michael Gardner - Environment modeler/Weapons modeler

We are a small, but dedicated group that has come together to create games in Epic's Unreal Development Kit. We have no deadline for our game, as we do not want to rush the development process, we feel that developing the game with no time limit, will allow us to completley finish the game and make the final product much more enjoyable. If you join our team you are expected to stay in contact with us as much as you can. This game is a commercial project. We don't take our projects lightly, we are very serious when it comes to games. We expect that any person that wants to join our team will be a hard working and dedicated teammate. If this is you and you are interested in a position with us, please read the contact information below.

Contact information:

If you are interested please PM me or send me an email. my email is: thundermountainstudios at yahoo.com

Also, the site wont let me post urls or anything at the moment so if you would like to see concept art or videos of what we have so far, please PM me and i'll send you the link to our Epic games post.