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    Question Best development environment for Windows XP SP3

    I did search and found nothing specific on this so I decided to start a thread. OK, so here's the rub...

    I have the idea for a GCS. I have an old 2004-2006 laptop (Gateway m405) running Windows XP SP3. I am NOT trying to make anything high-end here. Maybe Unreal Tournament quality, without Unreal Tournament restrictions. I have some programming training from college.

    I know I can't really use DirectX because M$ screwed things up. Half the books covering this don't work and nobody wrote out an extensive tutorial to cover all the replacement commands and headers you need.

    I like C#, and I like OpenGL. I know VB is simpler, but it is also limited, so I want to stick with an industrial strength solution here.

    I think I looked into XNA before and there was a reason it would not work - can't remember. Will be Googling that next

    What I'm after here is the whole shebang. A compiler for whatever language I use, a language I can run out of the box or easily find extensive help for if there are all sorts of changes I have to make to get it to work with my coding environment. I would love some video tutorials covering the recommended language and environment.

    So considering my needs and resources should I use Windows Visual Studio or something else to write and execute my code? What language should I use? Are there video, or written, tutorials to help me get started? What is the best, least frustrating best covered coding environment to use on Windows XP SP3?

    Yes, I know I have set a monumental task for myself. I am simply laying a foundation here, gaining knowledge, I have no intention of going this alone. I'm approaching this project knowing that if it is meant to be done, the people will come. I am not a coder, more a director. But if I tinker around, maybe get an idea of the interface at least, I can better work with any coder who joins me on my little adventure.

    Appreciate the help folks!
    - Deathbliss
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    For your specific requests I would recommend an older version of Visual studio, I like 2005 and 2008. I did .net programming for a few projects running windows 2000 and it works great. I moved them to xp a few years later and still no problems. I enjoy programming like this, as I get to work with older code that is less susceptible to getting updated.

    If you're using openGL remember to get the updates from a hardware manufacturer, they are the most accurate and up-to-date, but you can get the header files and .dll's from just about anywhere. They are scattered around the web in various versions.

    Also, get the Microsoft sdk that matches the closest "era" for your project, in your case I would recommend .net server 2003, it has all the includes headers and dll's needed to program xp programs.

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