Hi all, I've been a DS lurker for a while, but now I've been working on a new project that I'd like to get you guys' feedback on.

I've been developing a mobile app that uses QR codes to sync Bluetooth / WiFi peer-to-peer connections. I believe that are loads of uses for this type of "quick and easy, snap photo to connect" idea, but the use I've been working heavily on is multiplayer gaming.

The premise is that a game developer would be able to make use of my API, such that within their app a user can host a bluetooth connection and encode those connection parameters using QR. Following that, another user would be able to use the their Game App or my App to scan the QR and immediately join that local game instance. Once in game, my API would pass back a simple publish/subscribe communication socket for sending data between the devices.

There are upsides and downsides to this technology. The upside is the quick and hassle free connection for the user - there is no need to discover devices or navigate through a list of games to find your friend. The downside is that the user would need to download my app in order for this connection to work.

Does this sound like a platform you might use? Is there another use for this technology that you can think of?

Any feedback from you guys will be very appreciated. Thanks.