I am starting to work on a game which several friends of mine, all cs majors in college, we have plans drawn out for what the we want the game to be and now we need to start programming and need to decide which engine to use and have no idea really where to start. The game we want to run as a FP dungeon crawler. The most important aspect of the engine we would want is ease of particle effects and such. The game is based around having a huge amount of elemental spells and we want to the spells to look unique. The language of the engine would preferably be c++ since all of us know it but learning another OO language would not be too difficult. A huge plus for the engine would also have it able to expand into an MMO more easily.
Currently the ones I am looking into for it are Irrlicht and Ogre3d, both graphics engines that we would then adds plugins for physics and such, then Crystal Space as a more full game engine instead of them. Any help towards this would be appreciated we are starting without much knowledge about engines, we have done some game design already though using DarkGDK and plain OpenGL.

We have an invisionfree forum setup for the game if you need more info about it, we also would appreciate any people joining our community to help submit ideas and the such. Unable to post link, if interested ask and I can PM it or something