Hi all, New to the forums here, but it seems like a safe place to post. Please move my topic, or let me know if this is in the wrong place. I'm very sorry if it is.

A few years ago, an old Singapore game was created, and brought to the U.S.A. The main developers, and the people who ran the game gave up on the game, and gave up all rights, and shut down the game from hackers. Although this is considered server files, me, and 2 other friends have gotten the server files, and we are currently the only ones with them, and we've stopped some big hacks that was the problem with the game. The game is from 98, so the graphics are not the greatest, but its been a child-hood game, and the idea of the game is awesome. I'm still into after 13 years. So, as of right now, the biggest thing we have a problem with, is adding new content to the game. Why? We do not have the source to the game to create anything. As far as using already created materials, we have, but the guy who has done it for us has vanished. I'm almost positive that it is almost impossible to do ANYTHING with this game without the source, but i figured i could still ask! Were looking for someone to help us with still some created hacks that we cannot fix. But beside that, we would like to add new content to the game, including NPC(Non playing characters), maps, and items. The game has great potential. If we can get new content to the game, the game could result in pulling 3,000-6,000 a month, if not more. Of course anyone willing to help, would get shared profits. I know this is a HUGE project, that probably no one is looking for, but like said, it's worth asking. It's a great game, and i hate to see this go in the trash, and be a memory. I will post a screenshot of the game, and if anyone is willing to help, please contact me by email, or reply here. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time!!!!!

If anyone can help, reply here. I can give my email, messenger, and screenshot of the game.