Hello everyone!

As part of a university project, I'm developing a 2D racing game inspired by Micro Machines and Mario Kart. I'm looking for people to test a prototype and give feedback on how it plays on their chosen platform.

Quick facts:
  • Unfinished, early prototype stage.
  • Designed for desktop, laptop, tablets, touchscreen phones (devices released in last 1.5 years or so).
  • Testing and questionnaire takes about 5 minutes.
  • Provide your email in the questionnaire to enter 50 prize draw (otherwise optional).
  • Winner paid by PayPal or bank transfer.

Recommended browsers:
  • Chrome 22.0+
  • Firefox 15.0+
  • Safari 6.0+
Mobile and tablet:
  • Chrome for Android 18.0+
  • Firefox for Android 15.0+
  • iOS Safari 6.0+

To play, go to (www.)kabotlab.com/mtr. A link to the questionnaire is provided at the end of each race.

Aside from the prize draw, I can't offer any payment. I'm happy to answer any questions people have about the game development... but remember I'm only a student!

Thank you for your time.