I'm new round here, but from what i have read there is a large bunch of fella and fellases with great amount of knowlage.

I've been trying to get more involved in Game Devlopment, but am struggling to find where i fit. I have a short attention span (mainly when self learning) ranging from 10-60min tops. I can't think logicly, when people tell me to think 'outside the square' for whatever reason i'm thinking "What is this Square you speak of?". I have wee bit of experaince with 3d stuff using GMAX. And, due to my Short attention span frequently come up with cool ideas for games/moives and books. I'm good with writing (but not spelling and grammar), but stuggle to go in-depth with the ideas, i written fan fiction for the MMO Darkspace and people seem to like it. I've got leadership training and credentials behind me as well.

So where in Game Development do you think i could be of use?