is looking for people to fill the following positions:

  • 3D character modeller and animator

  • Texture Artist

  • Concept Artist

  • Sound Artist / Composer

  • Programmer x 2

About the Team

We are a new start-up company based globally, consisting of a passionate group of people who have had industry training and now wanting offer a spin on conventional mmo game-play.

Our projects will make it to market and we are willing to offer a share of profits after break even.

Current staff members consist of:

Jonathon Ward - Project Management and Research
(I get my hands dirty when needed!)

Hugo - Asset Management
(3D modelling and sub-team management)

Ryan Blake - Terrain Specialist

About the Game

Name: World of Heroes (Place holder name until further development)
Type: Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing
Technology: HeroEngine / 3DS Max / Blender / Photoshop

HeroEngine is the gaming engine behind some of the largest MMO games, for example Rift and Star Wars Old Republic, there is also rumours, and a heavily edited version of the engine is being used for Elder scrolls Online, though this is only a rumour for now.

HeroEngine allows our development team to work synchronously together on the game at the same time, our server is cloud based allowing individuals from each time zone to login and carry out work while the others are catching some sleep.

All terrain editing tools and game functionality is handled by HeroEngine, meaning it requires limited amount of 3rd party software.

We do expect you to have access to your own software for your role too, though 3DS Max and Maya are expensive packages to come by, with substantial knowledge you should be able to use free packages to carry out the job to the same level.


World of Heroes is a Massively Multiplayer Online World. Based around the great classic civilisations of the day, a user will be able to step foot into the shoes / sandals of people who created the basis of modern civilisation.
From rubble to bustling cities, we plan to use real world data and history to recreate a beautiful yet savage world.

Love to explore? Good there will be plenty of that. Hundreds of kilometres worth of terrain from plains to rolling hills and mountains, coastal areas and island archipelagos.
Behind each myth and legend there is a hero, fight mythical legends taken from history and brought to life each with their own unique abilities.

Worldwide in-game auction functionality – Trading is taken to a new level with our Merchant class, a good carrier of materials, with a 3 person mount but lacking the speed of the other classes out for the ripe pickings of these slower units. Work together to defend your precious cargo.

Take part in real world events, Pompeii did happen, people did survive, take part in the saving of civilians for achievements and wealth.

PVP – The whole world is open combat, there will be rival gangs, legions and armies. Take to the water in large naval battles or roam the open plains and invade player owned / created areas’

We want this to be your world and we will listen to the community, major updates are planned for every 3 months and critical updates will be applied when needed.

In-game store – There will be an in-game store for micro transactions, buy clothes, cosmetic items and pets to style your character and property with. You can also buy new subscription time direct from this store!
And before people think this will be biased…
NO these will not affect the game play giving the player base with a budget, a good fighting chance.

Weather and Day and Night cycles will affect the way in which you play the game. Roaming NPC mobs will be more aggressive during the night and creatures will take you for easy picking.

Who we are looking for

  • 3D character modeller and animator

  • Texture Artist

  • Concept Artist

  • Sound Artist / Composer

  • Programmer x 2

We are looking for someone who is articulate, and can produce high quality work within set time constraints.
You need to be able to get along well with people and be able to work alone on research.
Experience is not necessary as long as you can provide solid evidence you can produce quality work.
Maturity is a must and we have to be able to trust you.

Note: Programmers, the language in which HeroEngine uses in near unique however it does share a few similarities with c++

Enthusiasm is key for this project as the isn't a monetary incentive as of yet.

We keep in daily contact with each other via Skype and company email and also have project management software in place that is required to be updated on a regular basis.

Payment info:

We want to offer payments as fairly as possible. We do however require that you work on a voluntary pay free basis (as the rest of us!) until we reach a breakeven point after taxes in which we will distribute wages correctly.

If you are interested in working on a serious project that will see light of day,

Please contact us on here or skype as per forum rules not allowing us to post links!

Skype: L00tix

As mentioned we are a small friendly team and we trust each other to get the work done and would love to have a few more on board.

Thanks for reading,