Hi guys,

I'm building a completely open-source 2D RPG engine - the engine also will have/has support for multiplayer gaming, too. The whole thing is being built from the ground-up in Java, meaning that it will be totally cross-platform (the whole 'write once, run anywhere' ethic, hopefully! )

I'm hoping to differentiate it from other RPG engines by making it completely open source, and writing the code as clean as possible - this way any one with some programming experience will be able to dive in and edit the engine to their liking. However, I also want to build tools into it that allow more 'traditional' editing, like an inbuilt map-editor, etcetera.

Currently I have the very basis of a server and client written - the client is able to connect to the server and send/receive data - see the screenshots below for reference - I'm very near (hopefully /> ) having support for multiple players on-line in the same map. Obviously, player can already walk around within the confines of the map.

I'd like to know if anybody is interested in helping with development of the engine, whether this be website-wise (I'm happy to setup a dedicated domain and hosting for the project), graphics-wise (this would be really helpful, my art skills are terrible!), programming-wise, or simply suggesting ideas.

I'm hoping with some input we can really make this stand out from the crowd of 2D RPG engines - by means of great creative ideas, impressive 2D graphics and clean coding.

I'll post screenshots of progress when my post count lets me

(I'll post more images when I'm allowed to add more URLS ) However, you can see that it connects to the server, and then asks for a list of connected players.

Source code on GitHub:
https:// github[dot]com /BnMcG/Jeu-Server - Server
https://github[dot]com /BnMcG/Jeu - Client

Thanks for your interest, and hopefully we can get a really good project running here.