Hello Dev Shed!

I'm new around here and go by Fabius, and I would appreciate your help! Let me get straight to it. Since this is gaming specific but related to general web development, I decided to post it here, as I couldn't find another forum that seems to meet my requirements, but if somebody thinks I'm in the wrong place let me know.

I'm a novice java developer with aspirations of escaping my monotonous office space like job and instead establish a riveting gaming website that will help Joe User burn away hours of their time!

I need advice, however. While I have never built a website, I'm not looking for a how-to guide on how to build a website, but more or less advice on what programming languages I should study and use to build the website that will provide the features I'm looking for.

So here's my idea. I'd like to use it as a portfolio. I'm an aspiring game developer, and I want this website to be a platform for playing my games. Specifically, I'd like to design games in which users have to log in, and can play with other users in a non real time format (Imagine words with friends).

Ideally I'd like to minimize my own server side management to make this as cheap as possible, but I also don't want users to be able to cheat (by modifying files if I use cookies client side to track info), and view (steal) my actual game source code. I guess from my understanding the only way to hide source code is to use PHP and have everything be server side, but I imagine this could severely bog down the server depending on the number of users and the requests being sent. Since the game isn't real time this might not be an issue, but anybody with experience in these kind of things, advice would be appreciated.

If there are any tools or tricks that might help me develop a website from scratch with these features as well, please let me know.

Anyway, thanks for your time guys. If you want me to clarify anything please let me know.