Hello I'm looking for Game designers and programmers alike that will volunteer their time to help out develop a game for the Xbox one system. Email me at coreyburrell 97 @ yahoo.com if you are interested in joining.

Naval Wars online

Naval wars online is a strategy/shooter game that can be changed from either a first person or third person. You are an American Navy ship fighting on the ocean. Your job is to give orders to your crew to destroy your enemy’s ships. You will be able to control the speed of your ship, and change course. You are allowed to choose any of the Battleships in the game before heading out to your online match. The game will end when all enemy ships had been destroyed. At the end of all matches you will receive experience points. You will start of as a sailor and move your way up through the ranks. Naval Wars online is all online multiplayer for Xbox one and Playstation 4. Lobby goes up to 2-24 Players/ships in a match. You can also create your own lobby if you want to play with friends.

Game playlists

2vs2….2 player match
Team skirmish….6 player match
Free for all….7 player match (your ship against other player’s ships)
Team Warmatch….24 player match

Cape Cod
Nantucket Island
Pearl Harbor
San Francisco Bay
Maine Coast
Cayman Islands
Martha’s Vineyard
Gulf of Mexico

Suggestions while developing this game

-Research different naval ships and their armaments.
-Have fun take this game into heart as this game is dedicated to Battleship Cove and to all current or retired officers in the Navy.
-If you have any more ideas to make this game more fun but still relevant feel free to use your ideas.
-Use python engine, blender game engine, unreal engine, or use Unity
-Use C++ programming always!