Heavy Cat Studios is launching pre-production on an original commercial game project for Linux.

This is paid work, but it is not a job, so you won't be able to pay the mortgage unless you live in a very small house.

We already have a team of 21 artists, eight voice actors, two writers and five producers, so all the creative gigs are covered.


1. Over 18
2. Legal right to work if in U.S. + PayPal account
3. Reliable web access
4. Know C. Not C++ Not Obj-C. Not C11. Not your favorite obscure weird dialect of C. The programming language after B and before D. That's it. And no, we're not interested in having a long argument with you about our technology choices. C or the door.
5. Reasonable familiarity with a UNIX/Linux environment. (Preferable if you work with Linux daily)
6. Reasonable familiarity with SDL and/or OpenGL (preferably both)
7. Willing to learn, do things over and take criticism.
8. Availability of a few hours a week from now until November.

e-mail creativity at heavycatweb dot net if interested. Serious inquiries only please.