h t t ps://googledrive. com /host/0B-JdId1SslCJNEIweDFobGl2MzA/builds. xml

above me is a link of a build log for a highly popular game that recently released on consoles. this log was found embedded in one of the discs of the console version of the game.

if you observe the contents of the log, you will notice that it's quite detailed and extensive, covering bug and progress reports for nearly a five year period.

the log also details the progress and bug reports of the PC version of the game, and from what i've been able to gather from the information provided in the log, it appears that the PC build of the game was pretty far along into the dev cycle, or nearly complete by the time the console versions were in the final release candidate stage.

now my question is; what kind of information can be gleaned from this log about each of these versions, in particular, the PC version, with regards to how far along they were into their respective development cycles?

i realize that this log seems to be more of a bug error report than an actual log of the dev cycles, but is it possible to gauge with a good level of certainty just how far the PC version was by the time the console builds were gold?

p.s. sorry if this doesn't make any sense or if it's hard to understand, i'm typing this with very little sleep.