Hi folks!
My name is Vlad and I'm working onArcana:Sand of Destiny.
We need your support to finish our first game Arcana: Sands of Destiny!
It's a hidden object adventure game where you find items and solve mini games, puzzles and quests.
The game is about Jenny Hopkins travelling to Egypt at the beginning of the 20th century to defeat an ancient evil that has been awakened.
We have a great story, beautiful colorful art and enchanting music.

We've been working on the game for a year and as of now it's 70% complete but we ran out of the budget.
If you or your family like this kind of games please support us. We've dropped the price to just 5$ while the release price would be 14.99$
We also have great perks for your contribution.

We've just started our crowdfunding campaign with indiegogo!

Please support us if you can. If not, well, help us to spread the word about our game if you like it. Every little bit helps! You never know maybe your grandma would like it

Thank you for your time.