We are a small group looking for people who wish to create a great Toontown Private Server that focuses on level customizability, content packs, character customisation and designing new locations that fit in with the continued story writing of the game.
We are currently in Alpha. We need people who have a passion for the Disney Toontown Online game to join us. This is voluntary, we do not make any money from the game. We hope this experience will help improve your Panda3D knowledge and Python skills.Here's the job roles we currently need filled:

We need:

2 more coders/programmers to help implement game bug fixes and support the release of new features against a specification - must be familiar with how Windows works, and Python

2 web developers for designing our official project website that will allow user registration, a forum and an area to promote the project

1 music composer to create Toontastic music as to not use the Toontown legacy's tracks

2 server developers to keep the gaming environment smooth and operational

4 graphical artists that are familiar with Python and .BAM file formats that will help assist creating concepts for the 3D modellers

4 3d modellers that are familiar with Python and .BAM file formats

We have several things in our path from stopping us from entering Alpha. If you have passion for the project and think you can contribute please get in touch.

As we make changes and develop the game we will post updates on this thread, as well as answer any questions.