2D Programmer for Hire
I have a programming language that will convert my engines into a program for platforms iPhone, Android, Macintosh, Windows, Linux, html5, and Windows phone.
I currently have one 2D physics game iOS app on the apple store. I created the engine, artwork, and sounds (exception is background music). I am not an artist or able to create high quality sounds but I am demonstrating my ability that I understand how all parts of the game making process work. The app is a platformer, side scrolling 2D physics game.
I never wrote code before November 10, 2012 and got an app on apples app store my first try. I might not have 5 years experience but I have the drive and ability for coding and to get the program completed before some vet programmers because they donít have time or the desire to put in effort with your product. Also, since I need to prove myself the cost in comparison to a vet will be less with the same high quality work.
The product can be available on all platforms and will be a cross platform program if multi player or internet services are required.
I currently have a 2D physics engine that I can convert to your needs and I am currently working on my first 2D networking, side scrolling, non physics game that is able to function on LAN and in the future it will work with Bluetooth. I can use this engine for your game if these are the types of 2D games you want. I have the current progress of this engine available for play online. I am willing to write code for any type of 2D game. Provide me a general description of the game you want with the features and I will let you know if I can handle the job and the time frame it will take to get the code completed with the cost.
I want to make an RPG and other 2D style games in addition to the current game engines I have. In the future I will work with 3D in addition to working with 2D. I work on coding full time 7 days a week, 6- 15 hours a day.
I am able to provide you with daily updates to your product that you can test on your computer. The test program will also serve as advertisement to the public all over the world to play, comment, rate, subscribe, and favorite your game for free until you instruct me to take down the free game or you can leave up a demo version for people to play with links to the actual product. (You can choose to have the demo private for you only if you do not want people to see and test the production of the product).
In addition to programming I will help with advertisement of the product.
I will work on updates for the game and provide tech support for the code
Cost will depend on how complex the game is. I will give an estimate on cost and a timeframe that I will be able to complete the project by. If I do not complete the project in time I will not request more money to keep working. I will continue to work until the product is finished. An exception is if there is an unreasonable amount of additional requests after the price between both parties is accepted and the requests are the cause for the project to not be completed in the timeframe given. I understand that as a project evolves that certain features the designer of the project will want to add or take away. I am asking you to not negotiate a price and then try to add in a lot of additional work in order to prevent that work from being included in the initial estimate.
I will accept several different forms of payment methods.
20% at start of project
30% after 50% of the project has been completed
50% when project is complete (I will hold on to the product until the final amount has been paid)
I will provide a full refund anytime before 50% of the project is completed and a 50% refund if 50% of the project is completed and you decide to cancel the project altogether with no intention of resuming work in the future. If you need to put the project on hold let me know and I will stop working until we communicate on resuming work. No price difference for putting a project on hold and starting it up again and you can do this as often as needed as long as you keep me informed when you are stopping and starting a project. If I cannot establish communication with you for 5 business days after the last email I sent to your address then I will send another email stating that I have put your project on hold until I have further contact with you.
I will accept a reduction in cost if youíre offering royalties as compensation
I will accept royalties as full payment if the offer is 50% of all income from the sale of the product and any future income earned from sources like merchandise. (I will begin work after the contract has been established and signed by both parties)

Bad Bunnys is the name of the Apple iOS App (it's free)

Contact me
atriapaul @ aol .com