Our company, located in New Jersey, is working on a project, one piece of which requires, in the most general terms, the following:

Data points / coordinates (to be provided) are to be dynamically mapped and color coded (Based on application data) onto a translucent 3D image (it will be anatomical) that can be rotated within a web browser to view the location of the points from different angles/perspectives. Think various sized spheres, each sphere representing a data point, suspended in an acrylic cube.

Each point will then be clickable leading to a corresponding page of data (to be provided).

If you have 3D imaging/modeling capabilities you are eligible to work on that portion of the project as well (which should provide efficiencies to the overall project) or we will contract with a third party that we would need to ensure you could successfully work with and map their files per the above requirements.

The final product needs to run on tablet and in web browser - no Flash. We are open to consider any technologies that will work on these platforms and can communicate with an SQL database.

Based on this limited information we would be interested in seeing initial responses and any qualifying questions before considering and/or contacting you.

You will be required to sign an NDA to receive more specific information about this project if you are considered.