Dear Java Elite,

I am a small business entrepreneur, I am currently building my own web site, I design my own
site by using Flash as well as MM. My friend is helping me to build the site by using MySQL database and PHP.

I need a Java Applet Programmer to fulfill my back-end needs :

(1) Interactive multiple Chat rooms for more than 5 people.
(2) Runtime queries on the MySQL Database in related to Chat room.
(3) All interactive video related service
(4) Real time membership management
(5) Real Contractors management
(6) Updating user's virtual wallet field according to service running
(7) Any runningtime database-related services....

Interested parties should send me an email to the following email addresses :

Don't worry, its a short freelance project, it won't cost you too much of time. And, you can work from home.

Thanks a lot,