First thank for your time hope to find someone smart who can help me,

i have my website long time ago was in top 10 for many words but now it's not don't know why?????

first my developer make my website .asp and pages like this code

later on he make litel changes and he make url like this he just add realestatetg/ don't know why
at this time i can not make any edit to any page when i asked he says no way to edit any thing and he asked me to change all the website to make it .PHP so i can edit any thing and he make the page looks like this
also another URL

now when i add any new property it goes to 4 URL is this is right?????



Or the old HTML pages


the big problem is now days i am not top result in google any more and my developer keep saying you will be in the top result soon this almost 10 months now!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

please guide me and tell me what to do, i have no problem to pay for your time and your advice. just tell me how,
hope some one will help me,