Team: We are an online guild which has run for 13 years over various games, primarily runescape.

Project Name: DragonWars: This is the working title of the project.

Brief description:This game is based on the popular Atari game, Chaos, and its subsequent clone, Cyberwars. We have full authorisation to make this sequel from Mr. Gollop, who programmed the original game. This is a turn based strategy game played from a java applet with messaging features, fairly complex rules and a lobby system. The original game is very fun to play, and we hope to attract a large playerbase. The previous clone, which is now closed, attracted several thousand players a day. The game has a lot of depth, and is very fun to play. The game is already playable (though the server is currently not running) and just needs a little work to be finished (it's about 85% complete). The previous programmer quit shortly before the game's completion due to personal matters. All graphics are complete and the game has an extensive and detailed design document. Further information is readily available. Thanks. Ideally, we'd want a programmer who can get excited about the game and the project. If you're at all interested, get in contact with me and I'll try to explain the game to you, and why it should be an exciting project.

Target aim: Initially, we won't be trying to get revenue from the game. There will be a possible pay to play expansion later if the project is successful. The programmer would be paid regardless.

Compensation: Up to $1000. We are a few students, primarily wanting to make a game that we all love, not a company. We can afford to pay probably around $1000 between us, and possibly a % of future profits.

Technology: Java and MySQL. We want a java applet, run from MySQL database. These are already in place.

Talent needed: A programmer capable of leading a programming team to construct this game.

Team structure: Myself, I've played the original game for 11 years, and ran an online guild of several thousand members, many of whom are contributing to this project. I designed this clone, and organised the team, etc. There have been about 8 graphics artists who all have contributed graphics for this project, names can be given on request. There are a couple of hundred bug testers and we have a bug tracking database in place.

Contacts: My email is Feel free to add me on messenger, my msn is and my AIM is lancegardner27.

Previous Work by Team: We've made amateur games, including a card game in C+, none of them remotely commercial.

Additional Info: This is an amateur project. If it makes a profit, that would be good, but it's primarily being made for fans and by fans. We can't afford to pay professional prices, but we're dedicated people who love the game we're making (if you love turn based strategy games, or even better the initial chaos, there's a high chance you'd love it to.) We have graphics already, and a design document, we have a ready made playerbase of at least hundreds. We would put serious effort into advertising, and this game would look great on a portfolio. This project was concieved 3 years ago.

Feedback: ANY (With a focus on encouraging if possible.) If this project comes across as amateurish, I'm sorry. Any help towards it would be appreciated, further information is readily available. Please reply if you're interested, or email me. Thanks.