Our company needs a coder, who can build a kids browser...

- The browser will look and have the same options like http://www.devicode.com/kidsplorer/ksp-setup.exe , but we need better and more intuitive UI than the kidSplorer application has, with more pictures and not standard buttons, we can send you the buttons and how it must look out, you need only to implement them into the software.
The UI can contain a rebar control like Microsoft Internet Explorer with toolbar icon buttons in it.

- It must look good in 800x600 and 1024x768 resolutions.

- It must work under 98, 2000, ME, XP.

Here are some details:

The main options of the browser will be: (Please have in mid that you can build this browser on IE platform, we don't need to make new browser platform! The application will use the Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX control for browsing.)

- The browser will have 2 modes - child and parental.
1. With KidSplorer you can prevent your child from visiting inappropriate sites.
2. Restrict internet use by creating schedules
3. Prevent access to the Start button, Taskbar and Desktop icons, Disabling Ctrl+Alt+Del, Ctrl+Esc, Alt+Tab, Alt+Esc, Windows logo keys.
4. Prevent the running of any other programs including Internet Explorer.
5. Filter all words that are in the restricted database from the pages that have been loaded, when it work in child mode.

More information about the browser options:
1, KidSplorer maintains a database of approved KidSafe sites that your kid can access. This database can easily be updated to add unlimited sites for recreational and educational content. Your kid can only visit sites that are listed in the database.

We will give you the sites DB and you need to implement it to the installation software. There is no need to protect the DB.
The parents would b able to add, delete sites in this DB, when they are in parental mode.

2. In addition the program offers strong parental control.
See the 'safe' icon on the software, we need all options that are in this mode. To enter parental mode, a password need to be entered. This password will be set at the installation of the software and can be changed only in parental mode.

As for the child prevention for running other programs and
anything I suggest when not in parent mode this
program to work in full screen covering the whole
desktop with the taskbar and intercepting all Windows
keys and key combinations.

3. In addition you can create week browsing schedules to limit the time that you kid can spend using the internet.
In parental mode they can set 'working' time of the browser. See the demo software...

Use some standard installation packets, if you don't have we can give you, there is no need to write custom installation software for this browser.

If you think that you can help us, contact us for more detailed information at itd_network@mail.bg

Language/Technology: ActiveX
Visual Basic
Other/Programmer suggests