NYC-based web development and technology firm of expert developers who leverage the latest technologies to solve any challenge ranging from eCommerce to Content Management Systems. We are open to sponsorships but ONLY for those CURRENTLY in the USA.

For Mid-level and up: we would like to see, at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field or at least 2 years work experience (full-time) in the same role we seek.

1 – Junior PHP Developer
2 – Mid-level PHP Develops
1 – Senior PHP Developers
As a first round interview:

We expect that all Junior candidates take the exam at my client. We will approve the waiver of the exam as a first round for Mid-level candidates based on discretion and instead substitute it for a phone call. The exam may be mandatory based on subsequent interviews. We will skip the exam entirely for Senior candidates and have the first round over the phone.

Below are the requirements. We wish to stick to these qualifications and the degree of which we will scrutinize them will be directly correlated to their experience.

Big Pluses:

Magento Certified Developer
In-depth knowledge of WordPress/Magento
Has previously worked at a digital agency
Has led teams and can be a manager
Understanding of Linux Administration
Knows SCRUM/Agile software methodologies
Has experience with Unit Testing
This candidate would possess a strong background in PHP and Object Oriented Programming. A background in architectural software development and an understanding of developing for the lifecycle of the application.


Solid development fundamentals with a good understanding of object-oriented programming
Thorough experience in PHP or a proven track record of strong development in other languages with the ability to quickly learn and embrace PHP.
Confidence with distributed version control systems
In-depth understanding of LAMP Web centric user interface design
Understanding of JavaScript and JS frameworks
Experience working with SQL and MySQL databases, understanding data models and data storage
Strong experience of working with APIs and web services. Ability to rapidly integrate APIs into code base and data model.

Interested? Know someone who is? Contact us at michael [at] reamplify [dot] me