ICrossing, Inc. is looking for at least one fulltime/ career Web-Based and Stand-Alone Application Programmer for it's Scottsdale, AZ location. Below are the requirements and job description. If you are qualifed and want to apply, please do so.

Our Scottsdale, Arizona Headquarters is currently seeking a Programmer, proficient using PHP in complex Object Oriented web-based and stand-alone applications. The successful candidate will also have a strong understanding of databases and PHP abstraction layers. Additionally, a background of documentation and disciplined coding practices is required. Java and JSP experience are definite plusses.

The successful candidate will develop and maintain dynamic web applications built with HTML, JavaScript, Apache, PHP, Perl, Postgres, as well as stand alone applications built with C/ C++ and/ or JAVA.

The successful candidate will have the following:
4+ years experience HTML, CSS, JavaScript
4+ years experience Linux shell scripting, Postgres, Perl and C++ in a client/server environment, with emphasis on Perl.
4+ years experience Dynamic web site development using PHP
4+ years experience Relational databases (Postgres and MS SQL)
3+ years experience Samba, Bind
3+ years experience TCP/IP Programming (FTP, HTTP, SMTP)
Ability to pay close attention to detail.
Proven ability to thrive in a fast-paced, multitask environment.
Proven ability to define and specify technical solutions.
Excellent verbal, interpersonal and written communication skills.

Job skills strongly desired:
Good knowledge of XML and XSLT (SOAP included).
Excellent database knowledge: schema and query design, stored procedures and triggers.

Responsibilities shall include:
Develop PHP, Perl, Postgres, C/ C++, and Linux shell scripts.
Develop applications to organize, store, update and disseminate data.
Software architecture and design issues for the database team; tool building.
Developing web-based applications that make advanced use of databases for our products. The applications are used to collect, store, evaluate, distribute and report various levels of website activity and content.
Addressing performance and quality of service issues.

Send resumes to: opportunities@icrossing.com