Project: Realm of Dragons was started on April 25th 2007 and had been a successful project, regardless of the amount of bugs, errors and unfinished features it had. The website quickly had $7,000 donations in one year with few updates. I want to recreate it in PHP OOP and make it more secure.

Project Additional Information: Realm of Dragons is a text based RPG game that is 100% unique and nothing like it out there. It mimics a 3D MMORPG in every aspect. Game cards will be released in stores, merchandise will be available, as well as a fully stocked item mall.

Payment: Check preferred.

Additional Payment: Giving a percentage of the donations if you stay on board for minimal coding.

Price: $5,000

Website: Not allowed to show.

Also will be looking for a graphic artist as well. Either Anime or Realistic Graphics.

If a bunch of india companies or cheap website companies respond, I will delete this post. This is for serious programmers only.