This is a tentative announcement (ie., may be withdrawn depending on project supervisor's decision) about a requirement for a skilled programmer to develop a web-based application that will display historical information on a timeline including integration with Google Earth data and a clever GUI that will enable resizing of objects for optimum viewing no matter the screen size.

The historical data itself will need to be extracted from a Wordpress MySQL database (my stop-gap solution) as it would take too long to re-enter the whole dataset in a new format. Ie., it will need to be extracted and reformatted to your own requirements. The dataset includes typical fields such as date, content, category and tag and google earth .kmz files.

Ideally, the resulting application would be able to accept correctly-formatted data and create a new timeline with map integration from that data.

In the first instance, if you would like (no matter what your background) to express an interest, please post here so we can judge the potential efficacy of this line of recruitment.

Many thanks for reading.