Hello all,

Apologies for adding to the job postings on this mailing list.

I am hiring 3 software engineers (Python, Django), 2 to be based in Cambridge, 1 to be
based in London. Both organisations are heavily focused on data engineering and building
platforms to increase quality and accuracy at the same time as enhancing API capabilities.

In short company 1 are focused on the Agritech market, looking to build a platform which
brings together the input, growers and supply chain/end users in the industry to remove
any bottle necks across the industry through lack of data and communication.

Company 2 are focused on Bioinformatics and working closely with researchers to improve
efficiency of information available and the quality and format of research data to help
advance the speed at which discoveries can be made by removing the data heavy
engineering, throughput and allowing researchers to focus on the area they are most

Each company are looking for strong Python/Django experience, with the capabilities
to build excellent APIís. Both teams have different levels of experience in the teams and
looking for senior developers to help drive projects and in the future mentor junior/mid level

Tech Ė Python, Django, Celery, AWS, SQL, jquery, RabbitMQ

Paying between £50,000 and £80,000 depending on experience

If this sounds interesting please feel free to email or call me on the details below to discuss
in greater depth.

Best Regards


Tel: 01727 228 257 | Email: john@understandingrecruitment.co.uk