I have a "database-on-CD" product from a few years ago. The data contained within is very useful to me however the software has "expired" and the frontend program refuses to run unless I run it from within a virtual machine where I can mess around with the system dates.

The program has no form of external DRM or obfuscation, such as SecuROM or CrypKey - I can open the main executable with IDA Pro perfectly fine and I've even had an attempt at disassembling it. I was able to dig quite deep into the program (I navigated the GUI structure without any issues - it's an MFC/ATL application). However I'm not too good at dealing with vtable calls, so I gave up after about a week.

Getting the executable to run would be nice enough, however I believe it's possible to go deeper. The database files are contained in a proprietary format that is also encrypted. However from what I can tell the encryption isn't anything special. The program does not depend on any Internet access or dongles. The encryption key exists in-memory somewhere, however that's all I know.

Other people in the past have attempted to RE similar, but older, software from the same developer and found it used DES or TripleDES encryption, but there are rumors that the developer changed the algorithm since. I couldn't find any obvious hints as to how encryption is achieved.

I'm rather busy myself and as much as I'd love to learn how to RE software I decided I'm better off offering this job to a dedicated professional.

This is a paid gig. I'd rather pay a single fee rather than an hourly rate, but I can pay an hourly rate if you can convince me that you can decrypt the database within a reasonable amount of time. If you are ultimately unsuccessful but able to achieve some things (such as getting around the date/time restriction) then I'll compensate you for that. When you contact me please provide me with a quotation or your hourly rate.

If you are interested please reply or PM me back with your details. You can also email me at reverse.10.jeff-k at spamgourmet.com.