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I have setup a signature for myself using Adobe Fireworks. I basically have a PNG file and an corresponding HTML file. The HTML file adds links to the PNG file, so if the recipient of my signature clicks on my name it will automatically go to my website. The PNG file is on my web server, so the HTML file has a source link to the PNG file on my web server. So anybody who opens the email, the actual signature image will download from my web server. So all I have to do is just paste that HTML file in the Signatures folder of Outlook (c:\documents and settings\<user>\application data\microsoft\signatures OR c:\users\<user>\appdata\roaming\microsoft\signatures).

In Outlook 2003 I have no problems with this type of signature. I basically just have the HTML file in the Outlook signatures folder and all the links work perfectly fine on the PNG file. So if I send an email to my Gmail account using Outlook 2003, I can open the email and click on all the links in my signature.

In Outlook 2010 I am having some issues. The signature file loads up and everything, meaning my PNG file successfully loads from my web server, but the links in it dont work. For some reason Outlook 2010 strips or disables the links in the HTML file and only downloads the PNG file.

Now I have read an article which says in Outlook 2007 (and I am guessing 2010) Outlook uses Word as the default email editor instead of IE, so some CSS styles and background images in an HTML file may no longer work.

After reading the MSDN library article, I downloaded the MS Validater tool for Sharepoint Designer 2007 to check the compatibility of my HTML signature and it seems like mostly everything is compatible except for a style and background color. Specifically, there are no compatibility issues with the way I specify my hotspot coordinates on my PNG image.

So does anybody have any thoughts as to how I can get my HTML signature to work? I hope I have provided enough information, please let me know if you need me to specify anything else.


Basically, we need done what the user in the above link is trying to do.

Our office uses Outlook 2007 as our primary email client - we have image files wed like to use as signatures for everyone in the office (7 people). Weve tried implementing the signature image directly through Outlook, but found that (i) the picture would end up looking grainy to the recipient, (ii) if we scroll down in email chains the signature in previous emails would show up as <image001.jpg> and (iii) if people responded and changed the format of the email to Plain/Real Text, the signature would disappear completely and/or include the image as an attachment in the reply.

After some research we found the HTML method, which we think would probably work best (as the user outlines in the above link). Wed need someone to implement that code for us as well as run tests (e.g. via Litmus or a similar program) to ensure that the signature looks right in every situation. For example, for item (iii) above, itd be ideal if there was a way to substitute some kind of Alt text for the image in the event the email gets switched to Plain/Real Text. Though we think the HTML method is the best, were not married to it and are open to suggestions.

Respondents would ideally have experience in e-mail marketing and how different email clients handle signatures.

Please PM or email me with (i) estimated time to completion (ii) brief summary of your background (iii) price quote.