I recently penned and pencil a new software idea, A concept which merge web application and App. It will be challenging and push the boundaries between web and App.

Now I am looking for a competent person who can take my drawings, the brief on the idea and my notes, from their produce the foundations of the software for me

1. Flow Charts and spec
2. Complete architecture for the design

Please quote me for the above. Time allowed 10 days from issueing the brief.

We can discus development opportunity after I have received the above. This is the first step of developing a very very powerfull synergy between web and app.

Note: Developing the software will take more than one person (a Team) understanding - web applications, IOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Iphone app and design.

This will be challenging and exciting!

The whole consept has been designed to synergise with reallity shows