Looking to hire experienced Web developers.

ThousandWaysTo, A new International technology company is looking for experienced Website Developers. ThousandWaysTo has a vast amount of operations in the process of being set up. Our website production team is new and is on its way to being set up. Have a read through this post to apply and maybe be a part of the future of this company.

Job description:
To create websites to the client’s specification, anything from basic html sites to Flash based sites. Depending on your skill will vary what Web Developer role you will get (e.g. Flash or HTML5) for the Web team of ThousandWaysTo.

To support other parts of ThousandWaysTo with jobs they have e.g. updating a part of a site (with permission from head Web Developer or CEO) and creating graphics.

Must be able to create graphics for clients or other parts of ThousandWaysTo Company.

Work with other members of the Web team with the completion of the client’s site on time and to their satisfaction, If one developer has better skill than another but has spare time can help with flash projects on a client’s site.


1. Speak and type excellent English.
2. Have TeamSpeak 3 (Voice Communication software) If you don’t have TS3 or even know it, Google it and download it.
3. As from above have a decent Mic.
4. Have multiple ways of contact I.E. Skype, ICQ, email, other…
5. Be a good team player (Have a good sense of humour and always be able for situations where you need to react in a very short amount of time).
6. Must be 16 or above years of age.

How to Apply:
Send a pm to us for an email to send the following answered correctly.

1. Full name: (Including middles name if available)
2. Date of Birth:
3. Age:
4. Nationality:
5. Address:
6. Qualifications:
7. ˝ A4 page about yourself:

If your application goes under investigation or if you get hired :

The first few weeks of working with us is a trial to see who is capable of our standard at developing. After that you will be either be getting paid via: cash in hand (If you live locally) or PayPal (If you live abroad).

We will be asking you a couple of simple questions and would preferably see some work you have done before over TeamSpeak noting Difficult J .

Yours faithfully,