We are a team of two sysadmins who work on a project on parttime basis , seeking parttime remote sysadmin/ticket support job. Together we can work 18 hours a day, 8PM-5AM and 5AM-2PM (preferred), timings could be adjusted as required.

We have experience in the common flavors of linux for the last 5 years, being in the hosting Industry for the last two years. I used to work with a well known hosting company and my friend with a DataCenter as remote sysadmins.

Very well experienced in all kind of sysadmin work, whether a Control panel bug/feature not working, security updates, installing/upgrading thirdparty softwares, configuring services etc.

If you are interested, please PM or mail us at jblack345@hotmail.com. We shall provide references/resumes on request.