I was wondering if you could tell me a ball park figure in developing a piece of software for us. a figure of $1000-$3000, $5000-10000, etc... will be satisfactory.

Without getting into details, this is a summary of what the software needs to be able to do.

a Web developer will be downloading/installing this software. They will need to enter their personal account information to login to the major affiliate networks.

They will then use it to scan their entire website, looking for links that may be associated with an affiliate program that is listed in some of the major affiliate networks, which may take some negotiating.

Once the software has identified a link within the webmasters website that links to a website that is a member of the affiliate network. it needs to sign the customer up for that affiliate program, and update the link.

Is this at ALL possible?

I am interested in a possible shared revenue proposal, as we have many distribution techniques and know this product would be HOT! If your interested in this or not please respond.

Ian Larsen
Experience Internet Solutions