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    php/mysql programers needed

    ok, i need some php help i will give you 1 template per a job ok.
    first job nice and easy:
    need you to make me a php /mysql mailing list script, there is a tutorial on how to make one exactly how i want it here: http://resma.net/tutorials/php/mysql...list_intro.php
    job 2:
    need you to make some thing like this: http://www.comdevweb.com/component/linklibrary.php
    Job 3:
    need a poll /survey like the one in phpnuke

    post or add me to AIM for more info
    AIM: tomcromp
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    What happens when no one wants a template. And if i remember correctly you posted on another board and you were found out that you never made the templates but were free downloads?

    Maybe you should off some $$$
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    Hello, We have a professional web development team.

    My company is interested, so please send me details of what you need to develop and we will send you an estimate. I have taken a look at what you want and I think this will not be a hard work. Feel free to contact us online. For list of our design work please go to http://www.amnistiya.com/design-portfolio.php

    Our web portfolio follows

    Design only:








    Design+web programming:

    http://docself.com/ (design, e-shop script)

    http://netrecordsorganizer.com (project is being done)

    Net records organizer

    NetRecords Organizer is an on-line records storage with the users permissions levels and similar to tree hierarchical record categories structure. Features: - Easily add categories/sub categories - Not limited subcategories nesting - Easily add/modify/delete fields in each category (if you have admin-level permission) - All subcategories inherit record structure (fields) from their parent categories - On-line configuration updates - On-line payment system via PayPal - On-line daemon, which controls users payments, send warnings, etc - On-line fiscal reporting system - On-line editable powerful help system - On-line basic CMS (Content Management system) - On-line search for records - Multilingual Addon (optional) - PDA (WAP) viewable (optional) - SSL secured (optional)Used technologies and applications: ASP, MS SQL Server 2000, Advanced Transact SQL programming, Javascript.




    Online low-fares airline


    · Engine for existing flights and prices fetching from more then 15 airline sites with links for direct booking

    · Dynamic flash flight maps

    · High DHTML usage

    · Forum and Portal Management System integration

    Used techniques:PHP, Perl, MySQL, curl, Dynamic Flash, cron



    Full-automated online advertisement center system. Provides advertisement via email messages, banners and paid clicks. 3-level user access: members, advertisers, staff.

    Used techniques:PHP, MySQL, cron






    Intercorporate projects

    (for inner company use):

    Wholesale prices analyzer (MS Access, MS Excel development)

    Automated analyze system for wholesale prices analyzing. Provides ability quickly and automatically collect marketing information.

    Used technologies: MS Excel VBA, MS Access VBA, ADO

    Marcom planning tool

    Real-time program and project scheduling and cost planning, tracking and measurement system used by project managers, marcom managers, and marketing managers.

    · Planning, status and tracking of marcom programs, including associated marketing activities

    · Planning, status and tracking of marketing and marcom single deliverables (called tactics)

    · Spending planning and tracking

    · Automated and on-demand reporting capabilities, such as budget and on-schedule performance:

    · by market

    · by program

    · by organization (e.g. LSCA, SU, FSC, group)

    · by function (Marcom, User Information, localization)

    · by type of deliverable (e.g. trade shows, media, sales tools, manuals) and its success

    · by owners

    · by product

    · Automated e-mail push for reports and reminders (e.g. projects being due)

    Used technologies: ASP, MS SQL, Transact SQL, Javascript

    Vehicle Maintenance

    Scheduling and planning tool for Vehicle Maintenance.

    Used technologies: .NET Framework (C#), ADO.NET, MS SQL, Transact SQL, SDK

    Job Site Builder (ASP and PHP versions)

    Job Site Builder was created for organizations engaged in recruiting and job seeking. The site enables an easy registration both for Job Seekers and Employers.Having registered, a Job Seeker receives an opportunity to enter his resume on-line. On-line resume must contain all necessary information about the Job Seeker so as to help the Employer to get the most complete idea of the Job Seeker.Any registered user receives an access to Search Engine in his category. One can search for a job according to suggested criteria or by a key field; it is also possible to use an agent that enables automatic search of vacancies in the DB of the site.The registered employers get an opportunity to enter job offers on-line, to search using the suggested criteria, and to use the search agent that enables automatic search of Job Seekers in the DB of the site.There is an administrative part on the site that allows to operate users' accounts, answer their questions, administrate the Resource Center, view who is visiting the site at the moment, on what page this person is, and also enables to add / delete other administrators of the site.

    Used technologies and applications:ASP, MS SQL, IIS and PHP, MySQL, Apache


    Education - multi user WEB system of training consisting of 3 parts:

    1) Administrators part - management of permissions and other parameters of system

    2) Developers part - creation of courses

    3) Students part - training + testingStudent part:

    - Navigating through selected course via tree-like course representation;

    - Displaying course status (completed, in progress, not started);

    - Adding personal notes during a course;

    - Send feedback to a developer in a course;

    - Passing tests and viewing test scores;

    - Search for content by student key words;

    - Support for the following types of content: Description, Example, Glossary, Note,Tip, Warning, Note, Connect Interaction, Discovery Interaction, Drag & Drop, FlipBookInteraction, Magnetic Interaction, Question, Simulation, Picture (bmp,gif, jpeg),Video, Survey questions.

    Used technologies and applications:ASP, MS SQL, IIS, DHTML, VC++ 6.0

    On-line Advertising tracking(OAT)

    OAT is a strategy/system to track our online ad activities to. Purpose of OATis to collect as many data as possible about visitors of our webpages withoutletting the visitors know that they are tracked.

    OAT consists of the following main parts:

    - Administration

    - Information Gathering System (Tracking System)

    - Reporting

    Used technologies and applications:PHP, MySQL, Apache


    MS Access (VBA)Warehouse management program. The goods accounting of receipts and expenditure, profitableness of commodity circulation and many other things.

    Used technologies and applications:MS Access (VBA)

    Project: Call Management System

    Description: Call Management System (CMS) is the intelligent Telephone Link between the outside world and a number of people (so-called agents). The system is intended to automate work of technical support services and consists of the following modules: Call Receiving Unit, Call Filter, IVR Menu, Call Distribution, User Management, Group and conference management. All communication specific operations are implemented using TAPI 3.0 Responsibilities: Team player. System design and implementation. Coded a set of wrapper classes which implements call specific operations, threads management and audio conferencing.

    "Core BackOffice"

    Development of Licensing and Banking Database and Maintenance pages for it.(ASP.NET VB.NET, MsSQL Server)

    “ASP Table Maintainance"

    Develpment of ASP DataGrid(ASP, MS SQL)

    "Duty Script"

    Database for duties for german drugstore network. Two versions: Local and Web, which are replicating automatically.(MsAccess, PHP, MySQL)


    Web based instant messaging system.

    Provide the ability to restrict user access to the messenger.

    Used technologies and applications:HTML, XML, JavaScript, MySql, Apache, ISS Web-server.


    Web interface for the system of access restriction to the objects and access time account. System provides the opportunity to define groups of employees and timetables for the groups, To define zones where groups have access. Reporting system is able to provide such information as: Show access rights of each employee, information about daily delays, access time account. Flexible interface for web access make it possible to build the work place of each person dealing with the system according to their rights and duties.

    Used technologies and applications:HTML, JavaScript, MySql, Apache, ISS Web-server

    Lycos like forum

    Forum with ability to restrict the members of the groups, ability to add forums to favorite list.

    Used technologies and applications: HTML, JavaScript, MySql, Apache, ISS Web-server.

    Video Content

    System for video content providing and downloaded information accounting.

    Used technologies and applications:HTML, JavaScript, MySql, Apache.

    "Rolandmark Restaurant System"

    Development of system architecture, security system, restaurants database, online-ordering system, payment module and Front-end

    (ASP.NET C#, MsSQL Server)

    Contact info:
    email: tigran@amnistiya.com
    web: www.amnistiya.com
    ICQ: 72292942
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    you can looking at my portfolio on http://portfolio.seigo.ru
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    Polling Survey

    Check out the dynamic forms we have developed in our CMS.

    Management Interface
    username: admin
    password: password

    Live Interface


    Peter Swan
    Co architect

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