I'm currently finishing up my 5th year of college, and will be graduating in May with a B.S. in Computer Science. I am currently desperately seeking freelance work to help add on to my current income (intern wages) and help me pay bills.

I have the following qualifications:

2 years experience with PHP/MySQL/pgSQL
4 years experience with C/C++
1 year experience with Perl
1 year experience wth Python
2 years experiece with Javascript
3 years experience with Linux (Debian, Red Hat, Mandrake, Gentoo, Thiz, and LFS)
1 year experience FreeBSD
2 years experience with Java APIs

In addition, I have done some ASP work, as well as VB and MS SQL stuff... however, due to bad experiences with BS licensing and locked source, I outright refuse to touch any .NET, ASP, JScript, VBScript, or PerlScript (Sorry, but I must retain SOME dignity).

I am basically looking for small to medium size projects, and I will let you know in advance that my code is very clean, efficient, and well written. I also tend to work very quickly and finish projects on a rapid timescale.

All payments must be made either through paypal or check/money order via certified mail. Due to bad experiences, I WILL NOT accept wire transfer as payment.

Thank you.